Award Participants for Showing up

Request your own countMEin button to automatically award participants with a social commitment badge.

 BETA release. By invitation only.

Incentivize Participation

Give your participants the social recognition they appreciate.


Improve attendance

countMEin ensures commitment without charging - which increases registrations.

Boost awareness

countMEin awards participants with your branded social media badges that amplify awareness about your event.

Build loyalty

countMEin awards students with verifiable digital credentials for their volunteer hours and extracurricular record.

New source of revenue

countMEin-issued social media badges give your sponsors a public space to broadly promote their brand.

I am passionate about blockchain technologies and would like everyone to know my level of engagement in the community. Receiving blockchain-related social media recognition for participating in blockchain events will help me provide objective evidence of my commitment to employers
Felix Doughry
Student at York University
Request your countMEin button now.

Step 1


Request a countMEin registration button for your site.

Step 2


Add the countMEin button to your registration page and choose your social credit credential design.

Step 3

Confirm attendance to automatically award participants with a social credit credential.